The Dog Blog:

Irving speaks his mind!


The Dog Blog:

Irving speaks his mind!


What? Morning again??? Didn’t that just happen yesterday???

It’s a new day and a New Year! Time to make some resolutions. Hmmmm…I resolve to take more naps.

Happy autumn, everybody! Now leaf me alone. Hahahahaha!

Todd Oliver and I do a clean comedy act. What exactly does that mean? Baths. Lots of baths.

Nothing like the great outdoors! Ten or fifteen minutes roughing it on a wooden bench makes me really appreciate the couch.

I will you to make me bacon. I will you to make me bacon. I will you to make me bacon. (Just trying some mind control techniques on Todd, heh heh heh.)

Two of the top women skiiers at the Olympics are from Minnesota like Todd. Unlike Todd, they don’t fall down the hill and get snow in their pants. I think they should add napping to the Olympics. I’ll bring home the gold. Then I’ll get my picture on a box of cereal....

Todd and me and the gang wish you all a Merry Christmas! If Santa brings me coal again this year, I’ll bite him.

I don’t just talk, I type, which is not so easy with paws. But I learned to use Todd’s laptop. Actually, most of the time…I am Todd’s laptop.

I’ve lived in Branson, Missouri. It’s great there. It’s like “Mayberry” with a cover charge.