Introducing Todd, Irving, and the Gang.

Our show features Todd Oliver, a man of many talents – comedian, ventriloquist, magician, musician, and songwriter – and his talking dog Irving, a creature of many naps. A rotating cast of animal performers adds to the fun and helps keep Irving’s head from getting any bigger than it already is. You’ll also meet some real characters (they don’t like being called “dummies”)…Pops, a crazy old timer; Miss Lilly, his true love; and Joey, the lovable bad boy.


Todd Oliver

“I was always fascinated by ventriloquists, and when I was 10 years old, I received my first ventriloquist’s dummy. A few days later, my father passed away, and my ventriloquist’s dummy helped me deal with the loss. I discovered the little character could make other people happy, too, and that led me to a long career in show business. One day, I had an idea that changed my life. I was looking at my dog and thought, ‘I bet you would have a lot to say if you could talk’. And that was the start of the show I have today. My best memories are those of me and my family all laughing together. I want to make that happen for families across America.”

Irving the Talking Dog

“Why is everybody surprised that a dog can talk? People are always telling dogs, “Speak!”, so what do you expect?”

The Characters…


“I’ll admit that Todd Oliver talks for me, if he’ll admit I think for him!”

Miss Lilly

“Ever wondered where the term ‘ventriloquist’s dummy’ came from? Meet Pops and Joey!”


“I can’t believe I have to work with a talking dog. I don’t like dogs – I used to be a tree! “

Alice the Magic Bunny

“I disappear and pop out of a hat, but I don’t talk – I don’t get a chance with this crew!”

The Bird Buddies

“We’re Petey, Frances, and Sheldon! We do magic tricks and we’re the alarm clock for the rest of the cast!”

 About the Animals

All the animals in my act are forever pets, living with my family in our home. They have regular vet visits and healthy diets. They travel with me, in pet carriers for safety. We primarily travel by car, but when Irving flies, he’s under the seat in front of me in an airline-approved carrier.

It’s fun taking your pets to work, and they like having jobs…the only problem is, they all think they’re the boss! Because they are part of my family, I make sure everything the animals do in the show is 100% safe and fun, and they’re under no stress. The talking illusion is approved and licensed by the USDA.

Every day in my dressing room I ask Irving, “Wanna go to work?” He barks, I open my door, he runs out, down the stairs, up to the stage door. He wags his tail, which tells me he’s a happy little guy!

– Todd Oliver